The Adventure Van

First Class Adventure

We are U Wagen, creator and manufacturer of exceptional adventure vehicles and RVs.

Our goal is to provide you with road adventures that are authentic, simple, effective, and without compromise.

serie 4

Explore in comfort and agility.

The 19’ camper Series 4 allows 2 - 4 people to explore with more agility.

serie 7

Enjoy the feel of first class abord our Series 7.

The perfect choice for a 4-person road trip while enjoying all the amenities of this 22’ van.

Why U Wagen

Proudly Canadian, U Wagen conceptualizes and manufactures all its products and RVs locally. Using ingenuity and quality that only comes from Canadian products.

For more than 12 years, we have been converting and fitting vehicle interiors in the commercial and recreational sectors. U WAGEN is composed of a highly experienced and multidisciplinary team, from the design to assembly, our professionals care about the quality of the product they manufacture as well as the customer’s experience. We deliver well tested products of the highest standards, without compromises.

We select the lightest and most durable materials so that your vehicle is both efficient and resistant for its lifespan.

Instead of having to dispose of low-quality products, we believe that investing in long-lasting, high-quality products is the most eco responsible choice we can make. Which is why we are unwavering when it comes time to design and choose our components.

Our U POWER energy storage system allows you greater autonomy without having to resort to a gas generator. Additionally, the efficient insulation design also helps you to reduce energy consumption.

Our electrical systems are designed so you can enjoy the adventure without wondering if you have enough power or selecting the right settings. With U POWER, all you have to do is activate the system and enjoy days of autonomy.

U WAGEN products are designed to elevate your travel experience. They meet the highest ergonomic standards from conceptualization to the end product.